A – Z About CBD Concentrates

Research predicts that the cannabis concentrate market will peak at $13.78 Billion by 2026, with a yearly growth rate of 17.8%. CBD concentrates are among the first rising products because they provide effects faster and are ideal for those who require higher doses for particular ailments.

Companies have come up with creative ways for users to enjoy CBD and its therapeutic effects safely and effectively. These include edibles, concentrates, tinctures, etc.

Are you new to CBD? Or a veteran who wants to know more about what you are consuming? Below, you will find out all you need to know about CBD concentrates. But first, let’s do away with the basics.

What are CBD Concentrates?

As the name suggests, CBD concentrates are CBD with higher potency, than most CBD forms. It could be easy to assume that taking a higher concentration of CBD could lead to you getting high but this is not the case; high potency does not induce intoxication. This is because, unlike THC, CBD does not bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

How are CBD concentrates Extracted?

The hemp plant is the only cannabis strain containing the highest concentration of CBD. Its flowers are picked and passed through a state-of-the-art extraction system referred to as the SuperCritical CO2 method. Other companies also use butane and ethanol to get the CBD.

A CBD concentrate has an average level of 45-99% of CBD and contains terpenes and other cannabinoids. Good quality companies also remove any contaminants such as cellulose and chlorophyll, making the product as pure as possible.

Types of CBD Concentrates

After extraction, the pure CBD oil is converted to common concentrates in the market, such as:

1.   CBD Wax

The wax contains about 50-70% of CBD and is consumed in dab rigs and CBD vape pens. Its color is slightly darker and greasy and contains resins, sterols, and flavonoids natural to the hemp plant.

2.   Crystals or Powder

High-quality crystals contain about 60% of CBD. After extraction, they are crystallized and sold as is or ground to a fine powder.

3.   CBD Crumble

The product is like wax but with slightly higher moisture content, making it easier to handle and use.

4.   CBD Shatter

Shatter contains about 95% of CBD, and after extraction and processing, it looks and feels like glass. When heated, it melts and has the consistency of honey.

5.   Live Resin

During the manufacturing process, the staff freezes the flower after harvesting. This is better than drying, which disrupts the terpenes and cannabinoids’ integrity.

Live resins are therefore suitable for broad and full-spectrum CBD. It has a high CBD potency, and therefore, it can be pricey.

6.   CBD Budder

Processing a CBD budder is by putting the flower extract through heat and air pressure to soften it.

7.   CBD Isolate

CBD isolates have the highest concentration of CBD compared to other products and amounts to 99% CBD potency.

CBD is differentiated from other compounds by passing the CBD oil through High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).

How to Use CBD Concentrates

1.   Edibles

Oral ingestion of CBD is by; drinks, chocolate, gummies, cookies, etc. Although ingesting CBD involves trading off how fast you get the effects, you might feel them for longer.

2.   Dabbing

Dabbing is whereby you place the concentrate on the heated nail of a dab rig and inhale the vapor.

3.   Vaping

A vaporizer heats the CBD Concentrate at temperatures where it starts to vaporize without combustion. You then inhale the vapor and enjoy CBD.

Vaping also allows you to take control of the temperature and preserve the potency of the terpenes and cannabinoids, thereby getting the most from it.

Possible Benefits of CBD Concentrates

Research is still inconclusive about the benefits of CBD but can include;

Terpenes are naturally occurring molecules in the hemp plant responsible for the taste and earthy smell of cannabis. Its effects synergize with those of other cannabinoids in the plant, and you get to enjoy the entourage effects.

The terpenes include; Linalool, humulene, alpha-pinene, limonene, etc. Since CBD concentrates have the highest concentration of these compounds, the intensity magnifies significantly.

Purchasing CBD Concentrates can also be a good investment in the long term as you will need a lesser amount of CBD to enjoy the benefits.

Side Effects of Using CBD Concentrates

Adverse effects are rare, but as with the benefits, they are also subjective. They depend on your level of tolerance to CBD, age, sex, genetics, among others.

CBD concentrates can induce; sluggishness, sleepiness, diarrhea, and an abnormal appetite.

Legal Status of CBD Concentrates

Since the legalization of Hemp on 17th October 2018, CBD is now readily available. Even so, Hemp-derived CBD is the only legally allowed product as it contains less than 0.3 % THC.


CBD Concentrates are popular because of their high potency, and new users should exercise caution before indulging. Therefore, you can try other products like flowers and oils with a lower CBD concentration to gauge the dosage that works for you. Remember, always seek medical advice from experts before using CBD.