Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

Cigarette smoking used to be glamorized in the past, and completely socially acceptable. Imagine there used to be ashtrays built into the seats of airplanes, and smoking lounges in schools. As the consequences of smoking became more evident, the push to educate and help people quit began.

While smoking has been on the decline for that last 50 years, there are still over 30 million folks in the United States who smoke. Half of this group attempts to quit smoking every year, but only about 7% are successful.

There are so many smoking related diseases such as lung cancer, coronary heart disease, COPD, Stroke, and also vision and dental problems. The health benefits that come when tobacco smokers kick the habit is immeasurable, and most people desire to live a long happy life, so why do they continue to smoke?


Nicotine Addiction

Dependent cigarette smokers think that they have a tobacco addiction when in reality, it is the nicotine in the cigarette that is the addictive substance. When nicotine is inhaled it binds to the receptors in the brain that release dopamine. Dopamine has positive effects on brain function by making people feel pleasure, satisfaction, and motivation. Nicotine is highly addictive, similar to alcohol and drug addition. This is why tobacco products are so difficult to give up. Overcoming the nicotine addiction is the best way to snuff out tobacco use.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

After years of consumption, cutting out nicotine can cause some very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, both physically and emotionally. The body signals nicotine cravings when it no longer is stimulated by cigarettes to release dopamine.

Physical Symptoms- Physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are headache, nausea, increased appetite, and insomnia.

Emotional Symptoms- Anxiety, depression, irritated, grouchiness, anger and lack of focus

The Smoking Habit

In addition to addiction, tobacco use almost always becomes a habit. This is evident when people who are using a nicotine replacement therapy when trying to quit, such as nicotine patches or nicotine gum, still have cigarette cravings. There are many cigarette cues an active smoker has, such as the first smoke of the day, a cup of coffee, a work break, a stressful event, after eating, and many more. Breaking the cigarette habit is tough, which is why there is such a low success rate.

What is CBD

CBD oil has been around a few years now as a natural alternative to supplement and improve overall health. CBD is formulated from industrial hemp plants, which has a much lower THC concentration than the marijuana cannabis plant. There are many cannabinoids, CBD being the primary one. found in the hemp extract of these plants. These organic compounds are suggested to have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD works directly with the bodies endocannabinoid system, by adhering to the CB1 receptors in the body. These receptors are located throughout the central nervous system, and effect all areas of health and wellness.


How CBD Products May Help

Right now the use of CBD is only FDA approved for a few forms of Epilepsy, and more research is needed to confirm the effects of CBD on numerous health issues. CBD is not a cure or treatment for smoking cessation, it is a suggested natural remedy to help cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

Primarily, the CBD community is using various CBD products to help in three main areas:

  1. Improve Sleep
  2. Reduce inflammation and chronic pain
  3. Stress relief and promoting better focus and a calm disposition

Both 1 and 3 mentioned above are areas where CBD be able to lessen the negative effects of nicotine withdrawal. Keeping mood levels in check, and a healthy sleep routine on schedule may help bolster the ability to fight through cravings.

Which CBD Products To Choose

  1. Quality CBD- As with anything you put in your body, it is important to choose a high quality product. In the CBD industry one way to vet a quality product is to look for laboratory testing. Lab results will back up the potency of the CBD product, and also ensure there are no heavy metals, harmful chemicals, pesticides, or molds.
  2. Form of CBD- There are many different types of CBD products on the market, and it may seem to be a natural fit to switch from cigarettes to a CBD Vape, CBD inhaler or CBD cigarettes, but these forms will not help with reducing the smoking habit. The good news is that there are a variety of other methods to consume CBD such as CBD oil tinctures, capsules or softgels, and gummies. These edible forms will not reinforce the smoking habit, but will still deliver CBD into your system.
  3. Dose of CBD- CBD dosing is is not a one size fits all, and depends heavily on body weight, metabolism, sensitivity, and overall health. On average CBD users take 25mg of CBD a day. However, you may need significantly more, or less, to be able to feel the effects.
  4. Type of CBD- There are 3 types of CBD that are legal without a prescription. Full Spectrum, which contains a full profile of cannabinoids including THC, Broad Spectrum, which contains a full profile of cannabinoids minus the THC, and Isolate, which only contains the CBD cannabinoid.

For best results CBD should be taken as part of a daily routine, not just when a craving is coming on. Side effects of CBD are not very common, but do include dry mouth, nausea, and tiredness.

Palm Organix CBD

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There are different ways to quitting cigarette consumption and they should always address both the addiction and habit elements. Usually a combination of various disciplines working together may lead to success, such as joining a support group, avoiding triggers, exercising, and practicing relaxation techniques. CBD is an additional weapon to add to the arsenal when going to battle against smoking. If you decide to try CBD please consult with your health care professional, especially if you are currently taking prescription medications.