Our Companies

Strategic Diversification

CannLabs business lines includes a leading provider of cannabis and hemp/CBD laboratory testing services in Texas. Founded in 2014, we Utilize our vast experience in high complexity laboratory tests to create enhanced detection methodologies and improved accuracy. Testing services and a mix of other businesses allows us to achieve greater profitability and minimize the risk of industry downturn.

Black Eyed Distilling Co.

BLK EYE Vodka offers a whole new take on the fine art of distilling. By combining a surprising signature ingredient with an artisan’s commitment to craftsmanship, we’ve created an ultra premium experience that’s unforgettable from the first sip. We think you’ll agree.

Transcend Growth Ventures

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Transcend Growth Ventures is a team of consultants with a strong grasp on cannabis seed-to-sale market.  Transcend Growth Ventures helps enable and optimize operations to develop workflows, implement software and establish procedures unique to each cannabis business.

Noble Realm Games

Based in Southern California, Noble Realm Games is a hallmark in the new age of video game companies and entertainment. Headed by former top executives from the entertainment and gaming industry, Noble Realm Games is positioned to dominate the gaming industry in the years to come.

Color Blind USA Inc.

Established in Houston, TX, in 1998, Color Blind USA, Inc. is a multi-faceted global brand bridging gaps between culture, various nationalities and faith-based. With offices in Houston, California, and New York, Color Blind USA Founder Kelvin “K-Mac” McGowan has developed the company into the following four sectors: Manufacturing, Apparel, Music and Video Game Design. Our Apparel embodies the message of who we are through the creation of quality hand-stitched fabric, popular American fashion and bold statements paired with your favorite denim jeans. We are One People, One God.

U World Global Inc.

U-World Global Technology Inc. has access to a large fleet of vessels and is able to charter vessels for virtually any type and size of bulk oil voyage. While cost of shipping is always a factor, U-World Global strives to give the best value-quality service. When it comes to our business, we are also conscious of the environment