How To Turn Your CBD Flower Into Delta 8 Flower Using A THC 8 Spray

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you may have heard about Delta 8 THC, the new entrant into the cannabinoid marketplace. Cannabis has more than 100 cannabinoids, with CBD and THC (Delta-9 THC) being the most common. Delta 8 THC is an emergent cannabinoid popular among both medicinal and recreational cannabis users.

Delta 8 THC has various medicinal and wellness benefits but also causes a euphoric feeling. What makes this cannabinoid stand out is that its euphoria is milder than Delta 9 THC and does not produce paranoia.

Whereas Delta 9 THC is illegal, Delta 8 THC is not, making it even more popular. So, if cannabis is still illegal in your state, you can get top quality delta 8 flowers to give you a mild psychoactive experience. But if you can’t find it around, you can use Delta 8 spray to transform your CBD flower into Delta 8 flower.

What is Sprayed Delta-8 Flower?

A sprayed flower is a strong form of weed moon rock. Spraying gives hemp flowers a frosty appearance, but it is not just about looks; it also boosts the cannabinoid levels. The flower forms the base with the kief and distillates at the top layers.

Spraying is a simple process that you can perform at home with simple equipment. You just need to coat your flower with Delta 8 distillate then dust it with CBG or CBD kief. This will result in a frosty look.



Everything comes down to the type and quality of the flower you pick. You don’t want flowers that will break into pieces when spraying. So, make sure the flower is dense enough. Also, choose a lighter green CBD flower. After applying the distillate, the color will darken to a desirable darker green color.


You can use either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum distillate. The choice is mainly personal. You can consider factors such as your intended use to determine the best distillate.


Kief is a cannabis crystal comprising of luminous resin of trichomes. Your kief should be of the right color. It should also comply with Delta-9 levels. For this reason, most people prefer cannabigerol (CBG) kief to CBD kief since it is less likely to contain more than the 0.3% THC threshold.

Terpenes (optional)

Terpenes are essential in adding aroma to your flowers. But they are an option, not a necessity. You will still get your product, just without the cannabis aroma. If you have to use terpenes, choose hemp-derived terpenes. 

Spray Gun

The right type should not clog with the viscosity of the distillate. At the same time, it should produce droplets fine enough to produce an even texture on the flower.

Rotating Mixer

You want a mixer that will evenly coat the distillate and kief over the flower during spraying. The main thing to consider when choosing a mixer is motion. The device should have a gentle tumbling motion not to break the hemp flower into pieces.

Steps To Turn Your CBD Flower Into Delta 8 Flower


Trim the flower as much as possible to remove the stems. The stems will waste your kief. Removing the stem will ensure that you do not waste your THC8 spray.


Do not use a distillate (THC-8 spray) that is too dense. Before you proceed, give the bottle a shake to stir it up. You can also add terpenes to reduce its viscosity.


Put the flower into the tumbler to apply the distillate.

Finely and evenly spray the flower with the distillate.

4.    Apply the Kief

Finely and evenly spread the kief onto the flower.

Once done with the above procedure, don’t use your product just yet. Allow the product to dry for about six hours, and you are good to go.

How to Use Delta-8 THC

Just like CBD flowers, there are various ways to use Delta-8 THC flowers. You can smoke, vaped, or make edibles. So, if CBD flower is legal in your state, you have a great way of converting your regular CBD flower into Delta-8 THC at home for personal use.

Is Delta-8 flower Legal?

The main worry for many users is the legality of Delta-8 flowers. If that is your concern, rest assured that the product is legal. Just ensure that the CBD flower you use as the base meets the legal limits of 0.03% THC, and you are safe.


You have probably heard the hype about Delta-8 THC. If you want to try it and it is not available in your locality, you can just turn your regular CBD flower into Delta-8 THC flower using the above steps.

If you have access to quality Delta-8 THC spray, you can turn any CBD flower into Delta-8 THC flower. You can find spray bottles prefilled with Delta 8 THC to make the process even much easier for you.